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About Jakeb

           Jakeb Brock’s personal life experience has taken many interesting twists and turns.  But as a western man living in these times there has also been a degree of commonality about it all—that is to say, that many of his experiences have been shared by others of his generation.

            Born in the U.S. in the state of California in the year 1952, he came of age during the decade of the sixties.  As an impressionable and sensitive youth, he was profoundly impacted by the socio-political upheaval of that unparalleled decade.  Then after the common response of floundering and experimentation had run its course, Jakeb discovered the more enduring path of spiritual truth seeking.  And once this path was embraced, he never let it go.

            After initially undertaking an exploration of eastern philosophical systems and while still a young man, Jakeb was introduced to an enlightened spiritual master of the western world: Jesus of Nazareth.  His initial encounter with Jesus as an historical figure described in the pages of the Bible’s New Testament was so powerful and life-changing that Jakeb’s search ever afterwards became bound up with Jesus’ spirit and teaching.  Then slowly but surely this teacher-disciple association began to bear fruit in Jakeb’s own spiritual consciousness development and to give rise to the kind of scientific prophetic propensity that transcends mere blind faith and religious devotion.

            In recent years, through this prophetic propensity, Jakeb began to discern a modern-day worldwide move of God’s Spirit.  Gradually, this discernment then transformed his previously individualistic spiritual journey into a more universal one.  For, he found that his own individual spiritual pursuit had, in truth, been largely a response to this worldwide phenomenon.  He had merely tapped into a current of spiritual regeneration already flowing through the collective human scene. 

            In the year 2017 Jakeb wrote a book he entitled The New Consciousness: What Our World Needs Most.  Little did he understand when he wrote it, however, the extent to which the book’s tone and content was expressive of and bound up with the move of the Spirit already in progress on a global scale.  Only after he took the initiative to publish The New Consciousness did this response aspect become clear to him.  And when this happened, Jakeb knew with certainty that he had found his life’s true calling and purpose—that being, to serve the continued emergence of the new consciousness as a present day global phenomenon.

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