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At the present time has four books available, all written by Jakeb.  They are The New Consciousness: What Our World Needs Most published in 2018, Demystification: Lifting the Veils of Illusion  published in 2021, The Challenge of Enlightenment published in 2022, and Knowing God Aright also published in 2022.

As the title suggests, The New Consciousness is a kind of manifesto for learning how to make the jump from the age-old orientation of the Adam-mind to the orientation of the new consciousness of God union.

You can order the New Consciousness through your local bookstore or directly from Amazon by clicking on the "buy the book" button on this page.

The following are the ISBN numbers for the soft cover, hard cover, and electronic editions.

Soft: 9781982208080

Hard: 9781982208103

E-book: 9781982208097

Demystification is a meaty spiritual treatise, the aim of which is to enable the reader to gain dominion over his or her inner world and thereby become free.

It also can be ordered through Amazon or your local bookseller using this ISBN number: 978-1-9772-4533-5

The Challenge of Enlightenment answers the question "Why is it so difficult for us to attain enlightenment?" from a new and previously unexplored angle.  Its ISBN number is 978-1-9772-5191-6.

Knowing God Aright presents the truth about God, thereby debunking the myriad of misconceptions we have all had.  In twenty-one free-style discourses Jakeb helps the reader understand why this is such an important matter.  For only when we know God aright will our prayers be truly answered.  The ISBN number for Knowing God aright is 978-1-9772-5726-0.

Enjoy and prosper!

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