At the present time has only one book in print for your enjoyment and edification.  This is The New Consciousness: What Our World Needs Most written by Jakeb and published in 2018.  This book can be ordered through your local bookstore or on-line through Amazon Press by clicking the button below. You can also order directly from the publisher using the order page at

            The New Consciousness: What Our World Needs Most is, as the title suggests, a kind of manifesto for learning how to make the jump from the age-old status-quo orientation of the Adam-mind to the orientation of the new consciousness.  It may surprise you with its slant and methodology, neither of which are difficult to understand.  In fact, one of the book’s most hopeful points is that this jump in human spiritual consciousness development is foremost governed by natural evolutionary laws—laws that transcend human effort.  In other words, when the new consciousness’ time has come, as Jakeb believes it has, nothing can stop it from breaking forth into manifestation.  Our only choice then becomes whether to accept and flow with the newly emerging universal order or cling to the stance of the status quo.  (To read a substantial excerpt from the book go to and click on "Excerpt.").

            Other books and new titles are waiting in the wings, and we sincerely hope to have them available in print in the near future.  These new titles include: The Challenge of Enlightenment, Knowing God Aright, Demystification, Garden in My Soul, and Son of Man.

            To facilitate the ordering of The New Consciousness: What Our World Needs Most by Jakeb Brock you can use the following ISBN numbers.

Soft cover: 9781982208080

Hard cover: 9781982208103

E-book: 9781982208097