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Corrective Tweaking

The human psyche is home to several different functions, some of which are biological and some of which are spiritual. On the biological side there is our physical body and mind (including the conscious, subconscious, unconscious, and emotional mind). And on the spiritual side there is our faculty of spiritual consciousness, our soul, and ultimately the Christ. (The Christ comes only through spiritual consciousness evolution.). All of these are created functions, with this important distinction: the biological functions are mortal and temporal and last only for a single lifetime, while the spiritual functions are undying and eternal and have been with us throughout the duration of our karmic journey.

All of these functions live together in our psyche. This is how we were created, and it is this complex psychic makeup that the Bible speaks of when it says that we were created in the image of God. So this is no small calling. Rather human beings are truly a created wonder. As Israel’s poet-king David once wrote: we are indeed “fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139:14). But there is a problem. Human beings may be fearfully and wonderfully made, but we have a long history of deeply troubled and discordant interactions and manifestations on this plane. As King David also wrote: “All have turned away, all have become corrupt; there is no one who does good, not even one.” (Psalm 14:3). So, what’s the problem? As wonderfully made as we are, we seem to have failed miserably to live up to that calling. What’s going on here?

The divine creation was not brought into being whimsically or haphazardly. Rather it was intricately interwoven, not only in substance but also in outworking. In other words, there is more to our universe than just the raw materials of biological and spiritual life forms; there is a projected, intended outworking—that which we call purpose. If this were not so, there would be total chaos. But the universe is not chaotic; it is orderly. Neither is it meaningless; rather it is meaningful. And the way that this outworking was achieved is through law. Law is what keeps the universe in tact, and without law everything would essentially come unglued. Every living creature is governed by law, including man. And when law is ascertained and flowed with there is harmony and goodness. Conversely, when law is spurned and transgressed, there is disharmony and evil. When the right order of creation’s outworking is embraced and abided by, there is peace and abundance. But when that order is violated there is discord and lack.

In all the universe there exists only one creature capable of tampering with or violating created universal law. And that creature is man. How can this be? Precisely because man is fearfully and wonderfully made! With man’s complex psychic makeup, he has shown himself to be a creature capable of independent initiative and choice. This means that man has a choice in relation to the law. All other creatures have no such choice. They either abide by the law or they quickly perish. But man was created with the ability to choose and survive. He could choose to uphold the order of creation, as it is expressed in both his own makeup and the environment, or he could choose to tamper with it. Why would he choose to tamper with it? Well, that is a good question. Probably it has to do with curiosity and the desire to see if he could improve upon the creation. Of course, man also has the capacity to marvel at the workings of the creation and feel deep gratitude for and satisfaction with how things are. But at some point in time, man realized what he was capable of doing and decided to experiment. This was perhaps an innocent inclination—one that was more ill-advised than evil. Unfortunately, with all of his divine capabilities man could not foresee the repercussions of such a choice. And once it was set in motion, things began to seriously unravel—on the earthly plane itself but most decidedly in man’s own psyche and destiny.

Soon man had become a perpetual tweaker. One tweaking impulse led to another. And when man began to see that things were going amiss, he then felt the need to try to correct the damage he had done. And so the web he weaved became more and more tangled. That is how this age of time began, and that is how it has progressed. This has been the age of man—more specifically, the age of man’s experimentation and tweaking. Man has consistently meddled in the workings of universal law, and there has been no one and nothing to oppose or correct him. Only man himself can reverse this meddlesome obsession—an obsession that has brought much chaos and disintegration. And that is precisely what we have been trying to do for the past six thousand years. We have been trying to do damage control—to clean up the mess we have made and right the ship. Have we succeeded at this age-old mandate? Unfortunately, we have not.

The deeper we sunk into this morass of our own making, the more corrupt and evil we became. We established a socio-political reality system upon the earth, through which we hoped to give defining boundaries to human existence and restore a modicum of order. But this did not help matters, because the system we devised was inundated with impure human impulses, such as greed, lust, power-hunger, etc. And so over the course of time our system became dark and oppressive. Moreover, it gave rise to a status quo movement among an elite echelon of society. And somehow that movement has managed to remain entrenched throughout the age, thereby turning human life into a nightmare of discordant and corrupt energies.

So what began as innocent experimentation became wickedness, and none of the men and women born onto this plane of existence who have dedicated their lives to trying to make things right have been able to reverse this course of human degradation.

All this being said, let us now return to the human psyche and its original created makeup—the makeup that David said was fearfully and wonderfully made. When man began to tamper with the legal universe, he acknowledged his complex inner makeup and, in accordance with his other inharmonious inclinations, decided to go in and do some tweaking in that realm too. He could not, of course, change the created substance of his psychic makeup, so he quickly abandoned that course of action. But when he discovered that there was a created legal order to his psychic activity, his experimentalism got the better of him and he could not resist trying to rearrange that order. This had become man’s modus operandi. Man had no power to change the substance of any created manifestation on this plane, but what he had discovered was that he did have the power to violate and manipulate the laws that held all this substance in check and balance. And that was exactly what he did with the workings of his own psyche. In a coup of corrupt human cleverness and meddling, he went in and anointed the human biological mind to rule over the human psyche, instead of the rightful ruler, spiritual consciousness. Spiritual consciousness had been the rightful ruler in accordance with God’s law, but he was no fighter. And so he was dethroned. Why did man prefer the kingship of mind? Because mind is powerful and easily corrupted. Its rulership appealed to man’s lower impulses of choice.

And so in all of man’s tweaking it was when he went in and rearranged his own psyche’s natural order that human life was most dramatically impacted. For, once again man had not been able to see far enough ahead to understand the great changes that such a rearranging of the psychic order would bring to pass. Mind was clever and capable of bringing to man the rewards and riches he craved. But it was also a biological function, and that meant that it would, over the course of time, decay and die. Then to make matters worse it was not long before man’s identity became bound up with it. And when that happened, man himself became a mortal creature.

Nothing has impacted human life more than this. It was as if everything that it meant to be human changed in the blinking of an eye. For, biological death impacted not only the actual death experience; it impacted the life experience itself. In other words, it did not matter which stage of a lifetime a man was currently living through, death had become a prominent aspect of the human experience. We came to fear it, obsess about it, and try to do anything we could to prevent or at least put off that inevitable fate. Therefore death became a part of our state of consciousness from the cradle to the grave. It turned human life into a hellish nightmare. Clearly, man’s tweaking impulse got the better of him in this case. For, try as he might, once man had given the biological mind rulership over his psyche he could in no way escape this monster called death.

There was only one way for man to escape the clutches of this age-old Frankenstein. And that way was to do some corrective tweaking. For, while man was not able to escape death as long as mind was in control, he did still have the ability to rearrange universal law and order. This meant that he was fully able to go back into his psyche and reestablish the order of function ability, for which the psyche was originally created. He was able to do this, but with mind having been enthroned for so long it was not going to be easy. It was going to take work, perseverance, and dedication. Furthermore, it was going to take the willingness to be socially ostracized and hated.

The cruel reality of our predicament is that though death is a plague of unsurpassable devastation most human beings throughout this age have preferred to live as mortal creatures rather than to go inward and do the corrective tweaking needed to end the plague. In fact, some have even sought to proactively perpetuate the reign of mind in spite of its obvious negative impact upon human life. Some have actually preferred the climate of a society given over to the darkness of death to one that would be inundated with the light of restoring the rightful order of the human psyche. Why in the world would anyone willingly choose such a blighted social climate? Listen to the words of the man who became the greatest way-shower for those who were attempting to escape death: “This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.” (John 3:19). In other words, there are those among us, who having a vested interest in keeping human society in the throes of unlawful order actually oppose the dethroning of mind. They prefer darkness to light because their deeds are evil. And unfortunately, those of this persuasion are not only numerous; they are powerful. They are the leaders and shapers of the collective human entity and have been since the beginning of the age.

The good news is that because this corrective tweaking of restoring our psyche to its lawful order is a hidden inside work, individual human beings have always had the

freedom to pursue this directive and choose the light of correction over the darkness of death. Thus countless individuals have accomplished this great work. They have gone into their psyche and restored the rightful order of its functions. They have dethroned mind and restored spiritual consciousness to its rightful place. They have upheld the superiority of spiritual psychic functions to those of a strictly biological nature. How have they done this? Through undertaking the spiritual discipline and practice that empowers us to work with created laws for the better—to correct conditions that were set in place by man’s original ill-advised experimentation. This has been our created power since the beginning of time. Unfortunately, we have most often used this power for evil instead of good.

It is within our power as individuals to do this, but that does not mean that it is easy. What makes it difficult is all the inertia created by the collective’s status quo mandate. This mandate has gone to great lengths to keep people in the dark and to discourage them from undertaking any sort of corrective tweaking of the human psyche. So not only have those individuals who aspire to this great work been confronted with a mountain of deception and the damage it has caused; they are also, generally speaking, socially ostracized, hated, and even “removed.”

But for those that have persevered, a reward of unparalleled richness has awaited them. These have banished death forever from their consciousness and have gone on to become beings of perfect universal harmony, thereby ending the cyclical outworking of their human karma on this plane and freeing themselves for all eternity.

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