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Laying the Infrastructure for the New Age

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Many people have begun to feel and recognize the fact that these are pivotal times in which we are living--times that could well prove crucial to the advancement and even survival of the human race.

There are new undeniable signs of a major unparalleled catharsis cropping up with every calendar year that passes. Our planetary environment is changing at an alarming pace. And we ourselves are changing. We are changing the way we think, act, and relate to others. Recently developed technologies have transformed the way we live and spend our time. In many ways human society would be unrecognizable to someone living a mere century ago.

What many people do not realize, however, is that all of this outward revamping of human society has an inward-spiritual basis. The outward display of change is nothing more than the reflection of a great inward transformation of the human species. And this transformation has been going on for quite some time already.

Spiritually speaking, the human species is in the process of making a profound evolutionary leap. For thousands of years we have been Adam’s offspring. And even as the biblical account delineates, we have had as our primary life-orientation the developing of our intellectual prowess and the practicing of our mental discernment—that which the Bible calls the knowledge of good and evil. But this has been an age of spiritual darkness for mankind. Why? Because our Adamic mental orientation has had the effect of erecting a barrier of separation between our maker and us. And this barrier has, in turn, caused us to accept a life void of God’s input and given over to human initiative only. Thus our society has become one in which every man must fend for himself, and this has, in turn, pitted us against one another. Succinctly put, as Adam’s descendants, we have been cast out of God’s garden, and this state of exile has been the most prominent factor defining human experience.

Furthermore, the instinctual sense of separation from God—a sense that every human being has implanted within them upon being born into this world—has also had an execrable effect upon the individual psyche, causing us to become fearful, tormented creatures. And this overweening mindset of fear has built a world inundated with mentally projected constraints, such as time, space, and death. Then with the gradual institutionalizing of these constraints came the mandate that we must all move through life hesitantly, not as free men but rather as slaves—slaves that are terrified to make a misstep.

And so the world of men has plodded along from generation to generation, down the hallways of time, without much real change or even a vision for change. People have come and gone, living lives of stoic desperation and then departing through death’s door. Though an occasional uprising would be attempted, without a true vision for lasting change these have invariably ended in futility.

Thus the overall picture we are left with is that man’s age-long independent initiative has accomplished nothing of lasting worth. The great experiment of Adam’s choice that kick-started this age has failed. We vainly imagined that we had the capability to make our world into a

strictly human utopia. But instead all we have done is to steer the ship of human endeavor onto the shoals of imminent destruction.

Fortunately, though man-made constraints have been our masters since time immemorial, they were not our creator. Our creator is none other than the God of this universe—a benevolent God who, according to the Bible, beheld the entirety of His creation (including man) and was pleased, saying that it was very good (Genesis 1:31). What this translates into for us is a kind of unfathomably merciful reprieve. In other words, though the experiment of Adam has shown itself to be a disaster of magnanimous proportions, with God as our maker humanity has been given another chance.

This new chance is not the result of some sovereign divine decree. God is not personally involved with any of His creation, including man. Rather human salvation was instituted in the beginning at the time of creation itself through the power of evolutionary unfoldment. It might be said that we were created with an inbred capacity to right our own ship.

Let us consider this inbred capacity then in the light of our evolutionary makeup. For only in this way can we put this long period known as the Age of Adam in its proper perspective.

The created blueprint of our species includes both a human essence and a spiritual-divine essence. Up until now the human essence—comprised primarily of biological functions such as the mind and body—has defined the life experience of man. Why is this? Because it is in accordance with evolutionary law. Moreover, our obsessive identification with our human aspect (as delineated by Adam’s choice) has also been an evolutionary stage--one mandated by that same law of creation. Meanwhile, there has been another entire aspect of our being just waiting in the wings—our spiritual-divine aspect.

Evolutionary law dictated that the stage of our unfoldment represented by identification with our human aspect play itself out fully. Thus there was Adam’s choice in the beginning and an entire experimental age built around that choice. Unfortunately for us, as part of our evolutionary maturation we not only needed to languish in the extended outworking of this stage; we also had to suffer its execrable effects. In other words, we had to drink the goblet of Adam’s choice to the dregs. And this we have done.

This then is the nature of the catharsis of this present time on the planet earth. The evolutionary stage of man’s created makeup represented by our godless human aspect has ended. God, through His creative brilliance, has taken out of our hand the cup that made us stagger (Isaiah 51:22). And whereas Adam’s choice has brought us to the brink of destruction, our evolutionary created makeup has stepped in to save us. For with Adam’s long-awaited abdication has come the emergence of our spiritual-divine essence—an emergence that now is lawfully primed to become the dominant aspect of our species in the New Age. Needless to say, this is an evolutionary event of unparalleled significance and impact.

What is truly interesting about this great shift in the fortunes of mankind is that because all of this was foreseen in creation, a part of us—an instinctual sixth sense—has seen it coming. And not only have we seen it; we have been responding to it and acting to prepare the way. This preparation has not, for the large part, been conscious. In other words, our responses have been purely instinctual. We have neither known what we were doing or why we were doing it.

The reason for this almost comical predicament has been a lack of spiritual awareness that has been nothing short of appalling. Because of the conditioned mindset of our former Adamic orientation we have failed to embrace spiritual truth, and this failure has been so complete that we have lost any and all knowledge of our created makeup. So mired have we been in Adamic consciousness that we could not even see that we have a spiritual aspect to our being. Neither could we see that we were created as evolutionary creatures. These truths are only now coming to us in the wake of our transformation.

This is not to say that our Adamic mindset did not acknowledge spirituality on some level. But this level was one that was shrouded in darkness and illusion. Why? Because we could not see the truth that spirituality was not merely a game that some Adamites liked to play (a game we call religion); it was an evolutionary aspect to our being that was destined all along to become our dominant collective nature.

In any case, somewhat ironically, we have been quite busy preparing the way for this great transformation despite our utter lack of awareness. In our shortsightedness we have viewed these preparations as useful advances meant only to improve human life, as we have known it up until now. Recently developed technologies such as the computer have been of this sort. The thorough makeover of human society instigated by the rise of computer technology has been looked upon by all as being nothing more than a new inventive adjunct to the way we were already doing things. Little have we understood that this technology and others like it that have so greatly impacted the human scene in the last couple of centuries have come into being not as adjuncts to the Adamic system, but rather as precursors and servants of the New Age—that is, the age in which the spiritual-divine aspect of man’s nature will become ascendant and dominant.

Without understanding what we were doing or why we were doing it, we have over the course of the past few centuries been laying the infrastructure for the New Age. Just as city planners go in and clear land, pave roads, and designate park areas in preparation for new residents moving in, we have been laying the infrastructure for a new world order of men. And so there will be no debate as to whether or not to retain these technologies and carry them over into our new world, since they have been brought into existence for this precise purpose. And be assured of this: they will serve the newly evolved humanity in an even greater capacity than they served the Adam-man.

What this means is that the “face” of human life in the age to come might not look much different that it does now. Because we have been busily laying the infrastructure and preparing the way, human civilization has already begun to reflect its post-transformation shape. But while it may look the same, it will not be a mere continuum of Adamic life—not in any way that is enduring and true. Inwardly, human life will be transformed. A great shift will take place in our perspectives, values, and priorities. No longer will it be every-man-for-himself. No longer will God be left out of the human picture. No longer will human beings be born into a conditioned mindset of Darwinian separation and desperation. No longer will we be fearful, tormented creatures. And out of this new inward basis, an entirely different way of viewing life will issue forth.

The spiritual aspect of man will not be like the human aspect was. Its reign will not land man on the shoals of destruction. Rather it will steer the human race right into the coves of heaven. This is because the spiritual aspect of man is not only in harmony with God; it is a very part of God. Therefore it too is eternal, benign, benevolent, and tends only to the good. In light of this truth we can safely predict that the infrastructure that was painstakingly laid by our human brothers (those moving in Adamic consciousness) without them knowing what they were doing or whom they were serving, will be put to optimal good use.

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