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Spiritual Chemistry

When it comes to understanding how devoting ourselves to a spiritual practice and perspective can impact our life situation there is no greater single influence than spiritual chemistry. Spiritual chemistry is why our lives are such as they are. So it behooves us to take a closer look at this phenomenon.

First of all, what is spiritual chemistry? We probably know at least a little about how spirituality works, but what about chemistry? Where does that come in?

Chemistry is a science based on universal-created law. It involves the reactions that occur when mixing two or more natural earthly plane compounds or elements. For example, mixing two parts hydrogen with one part oxygen produces the element that we call water—an element that is necessary for the survival of all created life forms, including mankind. Water is the reactive manifestation that is produced when two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen are mixed together. And because this chemical reaction is governed by universal created law it is infallibly consistent. In other words, two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen always produces water. It never fails, because the laws of creation have never ceased to operate. Its chemical outworking is as sure today as it was at the very beginning of the age.

Another aspect of chemistry worth noting is that of the impact that an environmental catalyst can have on any given reaction. What is a catalyst? It is an environmental influence that can alter the shape and physical properties of the produced element. In other words, while two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen always produce water, when a catalyst is added to the mix, the shape and consistency of the water changes. For example, extreme cold temperatures make water freeze, so that it becomes what we call ice. And when we heat water with fire it turns into a gas—that which we call steam. In both of these cases the produced element is still water, but by adding the catalyst of heat or cold the water assumes a different shape and consistency.

This in a nutshell is what our natural science called chemistry is all about. It is the study of created earthly plane elements being joined together and affected by the introduction of a catalyst and the impact that all of this elemental activity has upon our environment and the human community—an impact that is governed by law and is therefore unchanging, constant, and predictable.

So it is that by understanding the legal-chemical nature of our universe we can gain insight into why our lives are such as they are. This is a good thing because it enables us to not only see our earthly plane environment as it truly is but also how it affects our lives. By acknowledging the inescapable impacts of natural chemical activity going on all around us we cease to be at the whim of environmental upheaval and can even work together with the creation to improve human life. This is the reason that our scientists study and experiment with chemical reactions. It is one of many natural sciences that have helped man become the ruler and ultimate steward of the earth.

There is, however, a field of chemistry that our scientists have not yet endeavored to study and understand—that is, the chemistry that goes on beyond the natural seen elemental workings of our environment and involves the unseen realm of Spirit. The elemental activity of the physical earthly plane environment has become relatively well known by now, but there is also elemental activity that is at work in the spiritual realm, and this we have yet to learn much about. Moreover, it too is highly impactful upon human life.

Spiritual chemistry is similar to natural chemistry, in that it involves the mixing of certain earthly plane elements and the products of such mixings. The difference between the two is that the elements at work in spiritual chemistry are neither physical nor natural; they are spiritual and supernatural. What does this mean? They are aspects and nuances of human consciousness.

These elements of human consciousness are not physical or natural but they are created and they are governed by law. Therefore their chemistry is just as binding and unchanging as that of the natural elements. These spiritual chemical reactions happen when certain unseen elements of human consciousness come into contact with other unseen created earthly plane realities—unseen realities such as the workings of Spirit and spiritual law. In other words, human consciousness is not merely static and isolated; it is a powerful dynamic that goes out into the universe and interacts with many other unseen elemental forces. Spiritual chemistry is what happens as a result of this unseen interaction between human consciousness and these other unseen elements of the earthly plane. And not only does spiritual chemistry happen; it also impacts human life far more than we have believed up until now.

We presume to know what human life is like. We all have feelings, keen intellects, and powers of perception that enable us to take stock of our overall existential predicament. Furthermore, we have historical records that make the case that this overall predicament of what we have come to call human life has not changed much for the duration of this age. True, cultures have varied and the human lifestyle has steadily progressed, but overall the existential dilemma of human life has remained the same throughout the age. And the reason for this has little to do with the workings of the natural world around us. Rather it has to do with spiritual chemistry—the chemistry of what happens when our state of consciousness comes into contact with other environmental earthly plane created realities.

The existential human dilemma includes several binding aspects that are not the least bit impacted by natural chemistry. They are spiritual realities that have befallen the human race on account of spiritual chemistry. They have become an inviolable part of the fabric of human life. How? By our collective state of spiritual consciousness going forth into the Spirit realm and interacting with the created elements therein, thereby producing a chemical reaction that we now call human life.

A good example of this is human death. All human beings die, and this aspect of our mortality not only impacts us on our dying day; it greatly impacts us throughout our lifetime. Most of us view death as a strictly biological phenomenon, since all living creatures on this planet die or dissolve. But human death is unique. How? Human death is the only case in which death impacts a species in the psychic realm. In other words, all other creatures die, but no other creature worries about it before it actually happens. That is a distinction unique to man. It is a distinction of human consciousness. So it might be said that the human brand of death is not natural; it is spiritual.

When we look closely at the human predicament we see that many of the binding aspects of our experience are the result of spiritual chemistry. This makes the human experience much more complex than that of other creatures. For, it involves unseen psychic realities that other species do not grapple with. And these psychic realities are largely colored by our state of consciousness.

In addition to death human life is colored by sin and morality. It is plagued by forms of mental torment and physical disease that other creatures do not experience. It is characterized by a disconnected and worrisome approach to livelihood and supply that is uniquely human. It is consumed by often-uncontrollable emotions, such as fear, hatred, and jealousy. These aspects of human life are not shared by other creatures. Why? Because they are all products of spiritual chemistry—the product of our collective state of consciousness coming into contact with the created universal environment, replete with its vast array of laws, many of which are unseen and of a purely spiritual nature.

And so we see that spiritual chemistry is not only unique to man; it is directly linked to our created endowment of consciousness—an endowment that no other creature shares. That is why the human life experience differs so vastly from the life experience of other creatures. It is strongly impacted by our endowment of consciousness and the spiritual chemistry that is constantly being produced as our consciousness comes into contact with other environmental chemical forces. And we can be sure that this has been going on since the beginning of creation. How? Because both human consciousness and the chemical-legal workings of the earthly plane environment have remained constant. So all of the chemical reactions that make human life what it is have also remained constant. It is perhaps for this reason that our best minds have come to the conclusion that human life will never be essentially different than it is now—that what we see now on the human scene is just the way life is. But this is precisely why learning the truth about spiritual chemistry is imperative.

The study of chemistry, whether natural or spiritual, reveals many important truths, but there is one truth that mankind in his present state needs to hear the most: it is entirely possible to change the outcome of a chemical reaction simply by changing the qualities of the elements. For example, in the natural-physical realm, if we were to mix two parts hydrogen with two parts oxygen, it would not produce water at all. It would produce an entirely different chemical compound. And the same holds true with spiritual chemistry. Though we have no power to change the qualities of the created universe outside of ourselves we do have the power to change our state of consciousness. And should we accomplish this, an entirely different chemical reaction would result—a chemical compound that would be expressive of a whole new human experience.

This is the foremost thematic teaching of the Bible. In its opening pages we read of the formation and cementing of a collective human state of consciousness—the state of consciousness that has produced the chemistry that we now call human life. We also learn of some of the defining nuances of this state of consciousness, aptly called Adamic. Then throughout the bulk of the Bible’s historical middle content we are shown that this Adamic state of consciousness has controlled and dominated the human collective throughout the age. But then in the Bible’s closing pages we read of something truly miraculous having taken place in our world—the life of an influential individual called Jesus who had broken out of the collective mold and evolved into an altogether different, higher state of consciousness. And just as the defining nuances of the chemical outworking of Adam’s state of consciousness are described in the Bible’s opening pages, so the defining nuances of the new consciousness embodied in Jesus are described in the Bible’s closing pages. Thus we see that not only is it possible for human beings to alter their spiritual chemistry by changing their state of consciousness, such an altering would most certainly produce an entirely new and different human experience.

Adamic consciousness when mixed with the created environmental activity of the earthly plane produced the human experience that we now view as just the way life is. This outcome was inescapable on account of the binding legal results of spiritual chemistry. But Jesus came along and showed us that if we changed our state of consciousness from Adam to that of the Christ we could produce an entirely new human race and experience. Then before departing he set an example for us of what Christ consciousness looks like and taught us exactly how we can attain it.

The spiritual chemistry that has resulted from Adam’s state of consciousness has clearly been problematic for us. We have accepted that that is just the way things are, but the good news that Jesus came bearing was that this was not necessarily true. The Adamic world we have built is one reflective of fear and judgment. It is filled with sin, war, disaster, disease, poverty, and death. Even the earthly plane environment has been impacted by this debilitating chemistry, so that to add to our already full quiver of torment we see the environment consistently bringing forth irregularities and upheavals. All of this has been impossible to deny in the light of the past six thousand years of human history. But just because we have accepted it as just the way things are on this planet does not mean that we have to abandon ourselves to a fate of futility and judgment.

For six thousand years we have tried to lift ourselves out of the mud that has been produced by the spiritual chemistry of Adamic consciousness interacting with the created laws of the earthly plane. But we have failed miserably. We have not been able to alter our destiny as human beings in the least. Why is this? Because we have not done the one thing that can actually transform the human experience—that is, change our state of consciousness. We have not understood that this was necessary according to the legal workings of our universe. We have not understood how spiritual chemistry works and how it impacts the human experience. We have not even understood that there is such a thing as spiritual chemistry.

All of this is what Jesus tried to help us with. Through his actions and words, he taught us first that there is an extant spiritual realm in our universe. Then he taught us that what goes on in that realm greatly impacts human life. Then he taught us some of the nuances of spiritual chemistry—nuances that we have the power to change by changing our state of consciousness. Then he showed us how life could be for human beings moving in the new consciousness of the Christ.

In Adamic consciousness we die; in Christ consciousness we live eternally. In Adamic consciousness we are prisoners to sin; in Christ consciousness sin ceases to exist. In Adamic consciousness our bodies are ravaged by disease; in Christ consciousness they are made to reflect the perfection of being. In Adamic consciousness we have societal strife and glaring economic injustice; in Christ consciousness we have peace and abundance from God. In Adamic consciousness we must earn our bread by the sweat of our brow; in Christ consciousness we find rest for our souls.

The choice before us could not be plainer. Stop believing the lie that this is just the way life has to be. Through spiritual chemistry we have the power to create a new world and a new human experience. That power lies in our own state of spiritual consciousness—a state that we can change at any given moment. All we have to do is to believe that this is possible and follow Jesus’ lead.

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