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The Future of Mankind

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

What is the future of our species? Ironically, the key to unlocking this prophetic mystery lies in the past. It is to be discovered in the act of creation itself.

Human beings did not just arbitrarily appear on this planet; nor did we evolve biologically from a lower form of primate. Rather we were created as a unique, set apart life form—one that was meant to rule and exercise dominion over all other earthly life forms. Evolutionary impulses are and always have been at work in us. But these impulses are not biological in nature; they are spiritual. In fact, we were created as an evolutionary species—a characteristic that is hardwired into our genetic code. Therefore we did not begin life in our fully evolved state but were meant to evolve out from that beginning. And it is from this predetermined evolvement that we can unlock the prophetic vision for our future.

Created evolvement comes from God. It can be widely seen throughout our natural world. It does not take place as the result of effort or strength on the part of the creature. Rather it takes place as a natural outworking of creative universal law.

This law of created evolvement can be resisted, however (though it would never enter the mind of any creature other than man to do so). Thus it has been within man’s capability to temporarily put a halt to his own evolutionary thrust. And this is exactly what we have sought to do since the beginning of the age.

The Bible teaches us about this rather bizarre inclination, revealing that it originally took hold in the minds of some of our earliest ancestors and then was subsequently handed down to each generation that followed. But this teaching is presented to us in parabolic and mythical language and imagery. We read a story about one of these early ancestors named Adam. Apparently, Adam had an adventurous mind that was attracted to the idea that mankind could choose an independent course for its own evolvement—one based on his own vision and aptitude. Just the fact that such an idea occurred to Adam speaks of a level of evolvement in its own right. For, only a highly sophisticated mental apparatus could even conceive of such a thing.

Inferred in the biblical narrative, we can ascertain that while Adam was capable of making such a choice he was not fully aware of what it entailed; nor was he aware of its legal ramifications. He did not understand that by making his own evolutionary choices he was actually resisting the created evolutionary outworking of God’s instituting. That is why the narrative speaks of an element of temptation or beguilement having come into play. What Adam did understand was that he had the power of freewill and based on that power could dramatically impact his own circumstances. But he could not see that his independent will would actually throw a monkey wrench in our specie’s evolutionary unfoldment.

It follows then that since Adam did not see the full picture of what his choice entailed, he could not have foreseen the terrible ramifications that would soon befall our species. He did not comprehend what death was; nor could he imagine what it meant to have to toil for his daily bread and earn his livelihood by the sweat of his brow. Little did he know that he was actually pitting himself against the entire aggregate of created universal law. Suddenly he found himself swimming against the powerful current of all created life—a condition that was tantamount to fighting against God.

But as the biblical narrative goes on to describe, this directive for our species was subsequently adopted by future generations as our new collective mandate. True, we had been cast out of the Garden, and human life had become unbearably difficult and trying, but we were nonetheless game to persist. Finding comfort with one another in our suffering (since there was no comfort to be gleaned from the universe or God), we also learned to take pride in our rather pitiful accomplishments. Thus we did indeed chart our own course and gain independence from universal law, but the price we paid was painfully high. The derailment of our true evolutionary thrust was much more than simply a matter of having put things on hold for a while. It resulted in what the Bible calls in no uncertain terms the curse of Adam. Not only did great suffering descend upon us in the form of death, disease, sin, and poverty, but we virtually lost sight of who and what we truly are—that is, what we were created to be, had our true evolutionary impulses been allowed to unfold. And once we lost this ability to know the truth about ourselves, our plight became not only insufferable; it became utterly hopeless.

One thing that all this shows us is the true nature and origins of death. For, it is clear then that death was not an aspect of our original created makeup. Rather it only impacted the human scene after we collectively chose to thwart our natural evolutionary instincts. In other words, death is unnatural; it did not just happen to us; we brought it upon ourselves. We chose the package of unlawful resistance. We chose to fight the current of created life. No wonder our lives are so hard. The Bible also says that God is not mocked. What does this mean? That God’s universal created order is set in place and is not subject to tampering with, not even for such a glorified creature as man.

And so we see that our future is very much bound up with our past. For at least six thousand years we as a collective entity have been living in the fallout of Adam’s choice. We have willfully persisted in a deviant oppositional course—one directed primarily at our own evolutionary impulses. We have survived this curse by the sweat of our collective brow. And now, not surprisingly, we have grown weary—weary unto death.

Furthermore, we are now looking at a future that is bleak indeed. Six thousand years of rebellion have greatly impacted our collective psyche. They have also levied a huge toll on the other life forms that inhabit this planet. They have even impacted the planet itself. Thus our future is now an uncertain one on the most basic level—that being the survival of our species. Horrendous repercussions loom ahead of us, spelling likely doom. It is as if we are standing on the brink of a cliff with no possibility of going back or reversing this fate. By polluting the planet so severely, we have, in essence, sealed our own extinction. We have crossed the span of time and initiative that we call this age and have inadvertently burned all the bridges behind us.

But there is one way out, and that way is really quite simple. All we would have to do is to reverse the curse of Adam. How do we do this? By ceasing from our stance of opposition to universal law and allowing our evolutionary instincts to once again hold sway. But our situation is now such that in order to avert disaster we need to do this on a collective basis, not just as an individual here or an individual there.

Universal law is a law of perfect harmony. To align ourselves at long last with this law, instead of opposing it, would have a profound regenerative and restorative effect upon human life. It would even bring with it a healing initiative for the planet. It would pull us back from the brink of destruction and enable us to right the ship.

Evolutionary creative law cannot be stopped. Ultimately, it will have its way with us. The tension of our times is whether or not we can get things right before destruction is upon us. Even in this bleakest of scenarios, a remnant will, in all likelihood, survive. And this remnant will finally learn the lesson of Adam’s folly. It will cease from all human rebellion and intransigence. It will inherit the planet and become a trustworthy steward over it, seeing to its healing and restoration. But even prophecy cannot predict with certainty whether the future of mankind will be a glorious reversal of the age-old collective folly, one that results in a new harmonious alignment with universal law for all mankind, or a stark and barebones remnant phenomenon, in which our species must start from scratch as a decimated and greatly purged creation.

In truth, it will take more than simply recognizing our folly in order to fully reverse the curse of Adam. We must go further and actually implement a shift in human consciousness—from the Adam man of collective resistance to the Christ man of harmonious alignment. We must allow our evolutionary thrust—the evolutionary thrust we have been resisting for the past six thousand years—to kick back in, take hold in the collective psyche, put down deep roots, and flower.

Therefore the future of mankind on the planet earth, if there is to be one, will be a vast departure from what we have known as a species thus far. It will be a new world populated by a new humanity—not new in the sense of our created genetic makeup, but rather in that of evolutionary fulfillment.

It might be argued that the age of Adam was a necessary evolutionary outworking for us in its own right—like an unheralded rung on the ladder of the evolutionary climb toward perfection. But to persist in it as long as we have and to carry out our rebellion to the extent we have has been an aberration. The initial shortsighted resistance on the part of our early ancestors has become an all-consuming drawn-out nightmare of collective policy. It has been so drawn-out, in fact, that we have completely lost sight of the truth of our predicament. And this collective forgetfulness has given rise to the subjective reality system that now defines human life.

But somewhere buried deep within our psyche we know the truth. In fact, we have always known the truth. That is why the broad tonal inference of our reality system is one of justification. As a collective unit mankind is guilty—guilty of knowing we have been on the wrong path and failing to make the necessary corrections. And why did we refuse to recognize this deviant agenda and make the corrections? Well, this has been succinctly expressed in the New Testament Book of John, in which the writer, in reference to the fully evolved consciousness of Jesus, proclaimed: “Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.” (John 3:19).

And so even today the collective entity of man drags its heels and resists the truth. And the reason for this is no different than it was in Jesus’ day. Hiding behind our subjective reality system and shamelessly brainwashing each consecutive generation of newborn infants that enters our world, we have yet to come to our collective senses. Meanwhile, the eve of destruction has come upon us.

Only accepting the truth of our predicament can save us now. And what is that truth? That we were created as an evolutionary creature—one that was meant to evolve in consciousness not biological form and has yet to reach its ultimate evolutionary potential. This one simple truth has the power to right the ship of human endeavor and usher in a New Age of enlightened stewardship of the planet earth.

How do we navigate this pending evolutionary transformation? We don’t! All we need to do is to stop resisting universal law—that is, the true law of life. The rest will happen of its own accord.

There can be no doubt about mankind’s exalted created station. We are capable of heights of vision and manifestation that no other creature on earth can even come close to. But the role of unlocking this great potential has been given into the hands of evolutionary processes. It is inside of us—in our created genetic code—just waiting to be unlocked. And this is certain to happen, once we cease from our rebellion. Just as the dawn always follows the darkness of night, all evolutionary life forms, when flowing in harmony with created life generally, must evolve outward unto their full created demonstration.

The full evolutionary thrust of our species in the realm of consciousness, once realized, will also be our true glorification. And the fact that we have boxed ourselves into a corner and held to a course that we can no longer go forward with is indicative of this imminent glorification. In other words, we have at long last arrived at the end of the age of Adam. We must now evolve or perish.

The time has come to admit to ourselves that the great experiment of following man’s prodigal instinct has failed. True, it has lasted a long time according to human reckoning, but it has not endured to the end. Mankind is a powerful created life form, but even our power falls short of being able to buck universal law forever. There exists a universal blueprint and order, in relation to which man, like all other earthly creatures, is only a small and insignificant role player. It is time that we take our rightful place in this wondrous created scheme and thereby lay hold of the bright and glorious future that awaits us.

(This is an excerpt taken from the book Demystification: Lifting the Veils of Illusion by Jakeb Brock)

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