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Hello dear friends.

Welcome to the website for our (that is, the human race’s) new consciousness.  No matter where on this beautiful planet you call home, you are welcome.  For, we are all truly one family.  And the new consciousness is the same for one and all.

At last we have evolved to where we can recognize our common ground—that part of our human nature that knows no divisions or barriers.  This common ground is our spiritual consciousness.  Each one of us has it, and in each of us it is exactly the same!  Therefore we are not only united; we truly are one.

            Every enlightened master that has ever lived among us has taught this same basic truth: namely that man is essentially a spiritual being.  This means that at our core we are each eternal and incorporeal.  It also means that at our core we are perfect.  Though all of us here on the earthly plane clearly seem to be growing and evolving, this process is not necessarily indicative of the need to perfect our core Self.  Rather it speaks of the need for the rest of our being to grow into harmony with and gain the full realization of our already fully evolved spiritual essence.  And it is this process of self-realization that all the masters have attempted to help us navigate.

            So we see that the new consciousness is not really new at all.  Not only were all the enlightened masters moving in it; but you and I have also been carrying it within us as an expression of our full evolutionary potential.  It has been inside of us all along, just waiting to be realized. 

            As each one of us individually experiences this great shift in consciousness, the social chemistry of our world will eventually be impacted.  Light will shine into all the dark places that collective human endeavor has effectually kept hidden throughout this age and expose them as phantoms of ignorance and fear.  Thus the individual consciousness of enlightened full self-realization will become the new consciousness of man’s world.

            Despite appearances to the contrary, this shift in the collective consciousness of man is already well underway.  And it is gaining momentum with each passing day.  One reason for this is that the infrastructure for just such a global event has already been laid and put in place with amazing thoroughness and skill, despite the fact that we did not know that that was what we were doing when we did it.  This infrastructure is the advent of computer technology onto the human scene.  Though up until now this amazing technology has been tarnished and debased on account of baser motives, such as greed, commercialism, escapism, etc., it will not be long before it is put to use in the service of greatly elevated ideals—the foremost of which will be the inculcating and spreading of the new consciousness.

            The method whereby the new consciousness is promulgated, whether individually or collectively, is through the sharing of spiritual truth.  For, truth is the light that shines into the dark places.  This was what the masters did.  Though they spoke in different languages and used unique imagery in their teachings, the one thing they had in common was the methodology of truth sharing.

            It is in this same tradition of truth sharing that we here at hope to do our part in the lifting of the collective consciousness.  This desire to share and further this great cause is largely the response of one individual: Jakeb Brock.  But we recognize that Jakeb is not unique or set apart in this regard.  Rather he is only one of many to respond in this manner in our times.

            The fact is that the new consciousness is growing by its own impetus and momentum.  This means that our only real choice as individuals is whether to flow with this powerful current or resist it.  We here at have made the decision to flow with it and we sincerely hope that you will decide to do the same.

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