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Healing Through Consciousness

We human beings have been given a very great gift. Through our faculty of spiritual consciousness—a faculty that we all have within us—we each have been given the ability to self-heal. And this healing power is not limited to any particular function of our being. Rather it is integral, complete, and so thorough that it transcends all of our previous notions of what it means to be healthy. It restores our soul, makes us whole and clean psychically, and brings perfect function ability to our bodies.

Poignantly, few of us are even aware that we have this capability, and even fewer have learned the intricacies of how it operates and how to release it. But this does not change the fact that we have it. And learning how it works is not as difficult as we tend to believe. Not only do we have this wonderful gift; we all are capable of implementing it, once we learn a few basic healing principles.

The repercussions of this knowledge, should it become mainstream, would be truly astounding. It would bring about a complete reordering of human society. Just imagine the majority of the people living on earth no longer needing to turn to existing institutions for their health care. Imagine empty hospitals, doctors with only one or two patients a day, pharmacies with shelves overflowing with unused stock, etc. Imagine the economic fallout—no more astronomical doctor and hospital bills, no more outrageously priced pharmaceuticals, no more rising insurance premiums, no more need to take unpaid sick-leave from our jobs, etc., etc., etc.

How then does it work? How does our spiritual consciousness become our healer? To answer these questions we must begin with a deeper understanding of what exactly this faculty of spiritual consciousness within us is and where it comes from.

Human spiritual consciousness is, in fact, not human at all. It is Spirit, and that means it is divine. This is what Jesus meant, when he said, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” (Luke 17:21). It is a little slice of heaven planted within us. But it is little only because of our own ignorance and neglect. In truth, it is as big as God, because God is indivisible. Any slice of God is as big as the whole, just as a ray of sunlight is a part of the sun or a wave that washes ashore is a part of the ocean. Therefore the little faculty of spiritual consciousness within us is actually as big as the entire universe and is revealed as such according to our own degree of spiritual realization.

As a part of God, our spiritual consciousness is also perfect. It is the part of us that is the perfection of being. It needs nothing, but rather is already complete and whole. It is not subject to death or decay, but rather is eternal.

This is who we are at our core essence. It is only our lack of realization that obscures this amazing truth. Most people are completely unaware about this, while many of those who are aware fail to fully utilize the benefits of this endowment. The pressures of life in this world cause us to rely on just about every other aspect of our human makeup before we even think to look to our spiritual core. That is why we all need to gain a better understanding of how we are made.

We each have this divine pearl within us, and it is powerful, perfect, and eternal. As human beings, this is what sets us apart from all other creatures. It is our greatest gift. But it is totally up to us as to whether or not we choose to utilize this gift and thereby benefit from it. In truth, this is the key to successful living—not the success that the world calls success, but rather the success that has real lasting value. Therefore it ought not to surprise us that those among us who are happiest, healthiest, and freest have become that way through the rightful appropriation of this gift.

Healing is directly connected to the use of this gift. That is why we all have the ability to self-heal. Like all other purely spiritual pursuits, healing operates according to immutable scientific principles or laws. These laws are woven into the very fabric of our universe. They have been in place since the beginning of time. They have never been altered, removed, or disabled. And they are as predictable as the changing of the seasons. So when we approach healing as an aspect of universal law, we can be assured that we are standing on very solid ground.

The healing principle is not difficult to grasp. It is simply that we human beings were created perfect and therefore have the perfection of being as our natural estate. Contrastingly, disease, death, decay, and dysfunction are aberrations that have come into play through the belief in imperfection and the fear that we are on our own when it comes to trying to deal with such devastating demonstrations. This belief in our imperfection might not be so problematic, if it were merely a mental idea. But what has happened to us is that this belief has seeped down into the collective or race consciousness and become fixed therein—set in stone, so to speak. And so disease, death, decay, and dysfunction have been seemingly irreversible aspects of the human experience throughout this age.

Besides the obvious dualistic differences between these two beliefs, there is also an important experiential distinction. Perfection is a law of our universe—a law that can never be changed or removed. But imperfection is a strictly human concept—a mere belief that has no basis in law or reality. Therefore, as it turns out, the healing principle based on our created perfection is much more substantial and enduring than the human belief in our imperfection. All that we need do is recognize this truth and let it sink down into our consciousness, until it becomes fixed therein. As we do this, the belief in our imperfection will simply dissolve. The fact that it involves our consciousness takes this practice beyond the realm of mental affirmation. In other words, the power to heal is dependent on two things: knowing the truth of how we were made and letting that truth gain a firm foothold in consciousness. When these two ingredients have been activated, all we have to do is sit quietly, relax, and consciously bring them to mind.

Many people who have undertaken the practice of meditation can attest to the healing power inherent in that practice. They may not have originally turned to meditation with healing as their primary motivation. Nonetheless, healing begins to take place. Why is this? Because without being aware of it, they have, through practicing mindfulness, been applying the healing principle of our created perfection to their own life situation. Simply by giving their own divine spiritual consciousness full authority over their earthly life situation, in accordance with universal law healing then kicked in. As long as we are moving in the authority of our spiritual consciousness, we are abiding in or accessing the perfection of being. Then when we add conscious intent and awareness to the mix we will find that we can heal at will.

This healing principle is, in fact, the true basis for all forms of non-medical self-healing. Though some may have learned and had some success with other healing methods, their success has actually come from inadvertently putting the principle of our created perfection into effect. This is also the reason that some who have learned and practiced certain methods have not had much success. These have focused exclusively on methodologies and have thereby sidestepped the universal law of healing. And without at least touching upon the principle, methodologies alone will do nothing.

The same principle also applies when attempting to heal others. But this arena can be a little more difficult to navigate. The reason for this is that in order to heal others we must be very well grounded in the truth of this principle. We must have integrated it into our consciousness so fully that we never doubt it and never waver. To acknowledge the truth of the principle and apply it to self-healing is a good starting place for us, however. And in this regard we will most certainly begin to see results in our own lives. But healing others is a different kind of gift. It is the gift of master-consciousness.

Healing others integrally cannot happen without the healer being grounded in the truth of this principle beyond all doubt. It is never a matter of methodologies, but rather only happens when the spiritual consciousness of the healer is fully imbued with truth. This is how all of the great spiritual masters healed others. It was not by them doing anything to the one in need of healing. Rather it was simply by being themselves and standing in the authority of their own fully imbued state of consciousness.

But while you and I may not yet be of this advanced master-consciousness, we can nonetheless practice self-healing with remarkable success. Of course, the degree of this success will depend upon how immune to doubt and wavering we are. If our adherence to the healing principle has not yet become firmly entrenched in our consciousness or if it is weak due to unbelief, the results of our efforts may be hit-or-miss, or perhaps just a little slow in coming. But as our faith grows stronger, our self-healing initiative is sure to blossom.

As a practical example, let us say that you have caught a cold. Through the authority of your own consciousness and adhering to the principle of your created perfection you have the capability to make that cold disappear almost instantaneously. So you sit quietly, establish your spiritual Presence, bring to mind the truth about your created perfection, and nothing happens. You still feel all the cold symptoms you did prior to sitting. What is wrong with this scenario? In all likelihood, the culprit is unbelief. In other words, though you brought to mind the truth concerning your created perfection, you didn’t really believe it. This kind of unbelief comes into play when we have not yet established the truth in consciousness, but rather have embraced it only with our intellect. What is the solution? We must simply stay with it. We must continue to abide in the truth, until it sinks down into our consciousness. Because this is generally a gradual outworking, our ability to self-heal may also display gradual progress. In other words, we may not at first be able to cure the cold instantaneously. Perhaps the best we can do will be to make the cold go away quicker than it normally would. Instead of lasting a week it might only last four days. Then the next time we catch a cold it might only last two days. Eventually, not only will our colds be curable, they will cease to happen. We will find that we don’t catch colds anymore. Why? Because we have gotten so strong in the truth of our created perfection that this state of consciousness acts as a shield of immunity, and not only against colds but even against more serious afflictions.

Ultimately, we will not need to practice self-healing at all. This is because there will come a point in our spiritual consciousness development, wherein we are already whole and integrally healed. When this state of holistic perfection is fully realized, it never leaves us. From that time on we will no longer be susceptible to disease or dysfunction. Even death will cease to be a power over us. True, we may at some point depart from this earthly plane, but it will not be through death’s door in the traditional sense. It will be through an act of our own consciousness—a graceful and easy transition from the earthly plane back to the plane of the divine.

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