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The Three Evolutionary Stages of Human Consciousness

Man is an evolutionary creature. Long ago man was conscious primarily of physical instincts. His world consisted of only that which he could perceive with his senses, and his primal instinct was that of survival. This was man's animalistic stage, and it rendered him as just another animal species in existence upon the earth.

Then came man's mental evolution. This evolutionary stage is described in chapter two of the book of Genesis in the Bible's Old Testament. Suddenly it was if a light of awareness came on in man's mind, and this enduring mental awareness quickly transformed human life, setting man apart from and elevating him above the earth's animal kingdom. Not only did this alter man's relation to other earthly lifeforms; it also greatly changed man's own life experience, enabling him to transcend a mere survival orientation and embark upon a new societal alignment that we now call civilization. In this evolutionary stage man found himself not only capable of discerning between good and evil but also obsessing about this discernment to the extent that it affected him in the realms of motive and purpose. Human life became a passion play, expressive of the war between good and evil. Good was always trying to overcome evil, and evil was always trying to halt good's progress. But more often than not, good has prevailed, bringing a gradual aspect of flourishing to man's civilization - a flourishing that has resulted in our higher cultural achievements, such as science, art, religion, literature, music, architecture, computer technology, etc. And yet obviously evil has never been totally overcome or eradicated.

For at least 6,000 years the climate of human society has reflected this mental evolutionary stage. It has been with us for so long that we have come to believe that, in terms of evolution, man has reached his pinnacle stage. After all, our great mental ability has clearly made man the ruler of the Earth. It has even imparted to us the notion that we might someday extend this rulership to other planets in our solar system and thereby gain dominion over other corners of our universe. In other words, the hard-won, tried and tested success of our mental prowess has made us a proud and heady race of beings.

Therefore it has come as a great and, to many, unwelcome surprise to discover in our day that there is, in actuality, yet a higher evolutionary state for mankind waiting in the wings - a state that transcends both the physical and mental states. As this new evolutionary state begins to unfold, it seems to be causing great upheaval and confusion in the societies of men. Many are wont to resist it, because they have grown comfortable with the status quo mental societal structure. Meanwhile the new emerging evolutionary state clearly threatens to overwhelm and inundate the mental state to such a degree that human life will once again become unrecognizable. Many of our current societal mores and institutions will have to be torn down, and it is this intuitively perceived reality that has made some among us view this great transformational event as unwelcome. Some have even gone so far as to judge it as evil. For these, resistance has become a proactive initiative. In other words, they find themselves doing all they can to stop what is happening.

But in the same way that our physically evolved ancestors could not stop the mental evolution of man from emerging in its time, neither will the mentally evolved inhabitants of the earth be able to stop the new evolutionary state of man from emerging. The fact that it is evolutionary in nature implies that it is going to show itself to be indomitable. Therefore the resistance issuing forth from today's status quo movement is, in actuality, futile. The new evolutionary state of mankind will emerge despite all the resistant energy currently opposing it. And when it does, human life will indeed be transformed to the point of non-recognition.

So what exactly is this new emerging evolutionary stage of man? Is it possible to define it, in order to be better prepared for the inevitability of its arrival? The answer is yes; we can learn of it to some degree, though I strongly doubt that any of us can comprehend it in its fullness. Our own thoroughly conditioned subjective reality view in these times will not easily allow us to envision the great glory that will soon be upon us. But we can definitely gain glimpses.

Through my own prophetic responses I have perceived this emerging transformational event coming. Thus I have felt the urge to share it with others. In calling it the new consciousness I have delineated a few of the characteristics of the new emerging order. But I realize that I have probably done little more than scratch the surface. And yet, I feel certain enough about these few characteristics to share them with confidence.

First, I feel confident that the newly emerging state of man is evolutionary in nature. Thus I can state with boldness that it is futile to resist it. Second, I believe that this new evolutionary plateau will be spiritual in nature. What does this mean? Whereas the mental plateau involved the obsessive delineation between dualities such as good and evil, the spiritual plateau will do away with all such dualities and result in a collective consciousness of unity - unity within ourselves, unity with our fellow man, and unity with the great creative universal life impulse we call God. This will translate into a new climate of peace and harmony governing human civilization. The end of the mental obsession with good and evil will also be the end of all war, violence, and hatred.

Thus man is destined to become a spiritually enlightened creature - a higher state of evolution that may well prove to be the fulfillment of our created mandate. Will this new dominantly spiritual orientation do away with the lower impulses of physicality and mental judgement? I do not believe so. It is more likely that man will retain these lower aspects and employ them as tools for living and promoting his new spiritual orientation. In other words, there will simply be a reordering in our human motivational arena, wherein the more elevated instincts of Spirit will dictate the manner in which physicality and mental activity are to be directed. This reordering can also be viewed as the superior instinct of Spirit gaining dominion over the lower impulses of physicality and mental judgement. And logically, when such a dominion is established in the collective ranks, man's civilization will also be greatly elevated.

Only the blinding influences of fear and greed would cause one to resist such a trend and view it as evil. Contrarily, a sane mind would not only welcome it with open arms; it would also lament the fact that this evolutionary unfoldment for man has been so long in coming. All that we now view as the highest good in our society will only become better. All our most noble aspirations will only become more fully realized. Life on earth will blossom and bloom beyond our greatest expectations.

In that day men will comprehend the great debt of gratitude owed to all the prophets and spiritual teachers that have dwelt among us ever since the dawning of the mental era. These far-seeing men and women fearlessly announced and paved the way for the emergence of the new consciousness, most often at the loss of their lives. In one accord they lamented the fact that this ultimate evolutionary leap of man was so slow in coming. Nevertheless, they were constrained to make the truth known and thereby sear the collective conscience of our race.

There is one of these prophets that stands out above the rest. His name was Jesus, and the story of his life is known to all. We have all heard about how he was unjustly put to death on a Roman cross 2,000 years ago. But not many realize what Jesus' life and teachings were actually about - that his greatest motivational impulse was to foretell the coming of man's emerging evolutionary state as spiritually conscience beings and thereby hasten this ultimate transition. Not only were his public teachings and healing ministries carried out to this end, but even his death on the cross was meant to achieve this purpose. That was why he did not attempt to escape the cross. For, his willing submission to this cruel fate turned out the be the most powerful object lesson of all. It accomplished far more than a mere verbal testimony of future inevitabilities. It targeted man's boast of mental supremacy by plainly revealing a side to our mental state that was not only uncivilized; it was downright bestial. Thus it shined a light on the imperative nature of spiritual evolution. And lastly, by rising from the dead, Jesus made known the inevitability of spiritual evolution and the futility of resisting it. In their mental prowess, men could hang Jesus on a cross. They could even twist the report about the resurrection in an attempt to rob it of its power. But they could not stop the seeds of spiritual evolution from being planted in the collective psyche of man through these historical events. Those good seeds were indeed planted, and for 2,000 years they have been germinating and putting down roots. Now, in our day, a sprout has appeared - a planting of such great evolutionary strength that it can never be destroyed or rooted out. This planting is the emerging spiritual evolutionary impulse of man that will soon transform our world.

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